Surface/Analysis/Brep Components

The “Brep Components” button is a very simple analysis tool which allows you to see just how many surfaces (or faces), curves (edges), and points (verticies) of a brep or multiple breps are combined together. This tool is actually called “brep” components, but Grasshopper labels it as “Explode” because it breaks the brep down into these pieces.  This tool becomes very useful when dealing with surface division, or while using sliders to manipulate a curve. As the object changes, the brep component values will continuously update with the relevant information about the parts of the form.

I created two different brep forms to play with: one was a boolean surface that I set as “one brep” and the other brep input was the same surface and a cube input at the same time, producing two sets of comprehensive information about the components.

Brep components example file

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