The Length tool is a simple way to analyze the length of a given curve. The tool can be utilized to measure one specific curve, or multiple curves of an identical type. Hovering over the button will give you the exact length in whatever units you’ve set up your project. I used the tool to measure the length of one rectangle (an enclosed curve), as well as one arc (a non-enclosed curve). I also used the tool to analyze the circumferences of multiple circles. Since only one Params/Geometry button can be attached to the Length button at once, the tool can only be used to analyze one type of curve at a time. Once a set curve is attached to the button, the tool can be used to simply display the length or perimeter of the curve, or can be attached to another button for further analysis. I used the measurements found by the length tool to create a bar graph comparing the circumferences of multiple circles.Curve Analyze

Molly Smith

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