The Simplify Curve tool in Grasshopper is under the Utility tab in the Curve menu and is an easy tool that simplifies complex polylines and curves in Rhino. To use the tool, you should first have a curve or polyline in Rhino that has an excess number of control points. You then open up Grasshopper, choose the Simplify tool, and link the Curve to the (c) input. The (t) input controls the deviation tolerance and the (a) input controls the angle tolerance. You must define a number for each of these inputs or, as I did, use the slider tool to be able to easily alter these inputs. When you use a high number for the angle tolerance and the deviation tolerance, the curve becomes simplified and control points are removed. I also used the Move tool to be able to see the result of the simplification next to the original.

Simplify Tool [Curve, Utility]

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