Discontinuity Button (P3_Tim Shamblin 01)

The “Discontinuity” button (Curve/Analysis/Discontinuity) takes the input of a curve or curves and a parameter to specify which type of parametric discontinuity (C1, C2, or Cn), then outputs and highlights all points of discontinuity on the curve.

A more in depth explanation of curve continuity:

A discontinuous curve is a curve where the tangency or other parameter of a curve changes instantly. This usually appears in a curve in one of three ways, depending on the type of continuity:

C1: Continuity based on Continued tangency (Discontinuity at breaks and sharp points)

C2: Continuity requires continued tangency and center point (Discontinuity at breaks, sharp points and inflections)

Cn (or Cinfinite): Continuity requires higher level continuity (Discontinuity at breaks, sharp points and inflections and ‘kinks’)

The attached script will create a Sphere and a circle on each point of Discontinuity.

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