p1 03 Luke Erickson: Metropol Parasol

J. Mayer H. Architects – Metropol Parasol (Encarnación’s mushrooms)


When developers found ancient Roman ruins while excavating the Plaza de la Encarnación, they decided that a competition would be created to properly memorialize and revitalize the historic plaza. The Metropol Parasol designed by J. Mayer H. Architects in Seville, Spain won the international prize in 2004. Construction of the archaeological museum, farmers market, elevated plaza, restaurants, and timber canopy was completed in April 2011. The soaring canopy is characterized by the undulating grid, which attempts to weave a new urban fabric into the cultural center that is Seville. The grid is, interestingly, primarily held together by glue.

The designers meant to re-imagine the plaza from a contemporary architectural standpoint. By utilizing BIM and subsequent parametrics, J. Mayer H. was able to follow through on the challenging construction of their design. They are pioneers of a modern application of binding agents in wooden construction.


  1. This is an interesting project because of its attempt to redefine the urban landscape. It also sounds like a fascinating fabrication not only in its undulation but by utilizing glue.