p2_Alex Kaplan_04_Annslee Stevenson_02


  1. 02 Mary Heinrich

    Cool–it reminds me of Diller Scofidio’s Blur

  2. I love the look of this, how it’s not typically Maya or parametric modeling, but softer and more subtle. Did you create all of the form and texture in Maya by just faceting it and putting the translucent skin on it? Was there a script involved?

  3. like the concept and the details you did. it has a really awesome movement and i really love it!!!!

  4. 02 Mary Heinrich

    It would be interesting to use light placement as a “building material” to allow the skin to visually dissolve and be more enigmatically mysterious––almost to use light in the same vein as Diller Scofidio used mist

  5. 02 Shelby Feenick

    The rock formation is a great precedent. I can really see the erosion that could of occurred in the “rock formation” in the end form. It somehow shows motion, without literally showing motion.

  6. 01 Kate Thompson

    The view looking upward is beautiful in its atmosphere. I would like to understands it structure more.