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Manuelle Gautrand created the Phare Tower, a special mention in the 2007 skyscraper competition. Produced at La Defense in Paris, France, the Phare Tower is a 300 meter-high new age construction. The concept behind the skyscraper focuses on setting the structure free from the normal aspects of a tower or skyscraper. The structure is designed as an externally exposed skeleton that wraps the 140,000 meters squared of office space with two restaurants and a rooftop-viewing desk for the general public. The exposed skeleton is made from a double-layer mesh of woven metal, lacquered two-tone, white and beige. The interlace of the meshes through a large circular form is what draws, not only the two meshes together, but also the structural free and graceful aspect of the tower. In addition, the scale of the skyscraper plays a big role, especially with the location of the tower. With the location being Paris, France, the skyscraper needed to express a sense of power without showing precedence over the other structures. As well, The Phare Tower wanted to introduce an art of poetry by creating relevance in size to the Eiffel Tower. With two scales, the individual, human, scale and the overall structural scale, The Phare Tower creates beautiful views in and out over the cityscape and gives a unique and monumental presence to the city. I found this project interesting because of its incorporation of the cityscape and its not functional aspect of creating a skyscraper that didn’t consider the conventional uses of structure at first glance.



  1. 04 Kyler Burroughs

    I really appreciate this entry as a concept to bring in the general public as well as introducing another large scale tower in Paris, France. Having traveled there, Paris that is, there isn’t really any other view to absorb the city besides the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Coeur. The rooftops of the cityscape don’t really show a “pretty” view of all of Paris.The Phare Tower would not only create multiple viewpoints of the city at different heights but also be aesthetically attractive to the public because it is such a unique form. My only interest would be wanting to see how the interior interacts with the views. Overall, really cool!

  2. 02 Andres Lopez

    Nice concept! Judging from the image you posted I was a little confused as to what is on the description, but after seeing the tower at full scale it makes perfect sense. I would only argue that instead of just wrapping the building around, the external skeleton should play more of a structural role in holding up the tower.