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p4_Amanda Waddell & Matt Taube

Computer Skills Final

P5_01 Pooja Kashyap_02 Andres Lopez_04 Owen Weinstein

Points/Analysis/Randomized Grid

This Script allows you to pick a random set of points along a grid rather than generating them. The first step is to create a field using the series and the Point XYZ buttons, and later using the slider to determine the distance between each point. You must do this twice, one set for the X values and the other one for the Y values. In order to keep track of the points, you must use the list button, and to shuffle them use the Jitter.

P5_02 Qi Jia / Shelby Feenick 04 Boer Deng


Tower Final Spread

P5_02 Heinrich

curtain panel––large opening

curtain panel––medium opening

curtain panel––small opening

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P5_01 Charles Wiederhold