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Dwell describes Wichita as being built “for creative people yearning for low rents and plenty of space” later detailing the various design firms making their mark on the city through new architectural projects. When looking into these projects, one, a green art park, provided us with our own site almost directly accross the street. The site upon which the sidescraper is located was previously home to the transportation department of Wichita. Currently occupying Union Station and the majority of our site is Road Runner Inc. with the transportation department moved off-site to a smaller, unassuming building. Adjacent to this building lies a stretch of concrete formed “awnings” sheilding the old railroad platform from the elements. Distinct in form and rich in the history of Wichita, these iconic structures provided a unique opportunity from which to launch our possible construct. With this in mind, we set out a program that would play off of the existing Union Station as well as provide the site with the new home for the transportation department, offices, lofts, entertainment, and extensive views of the city.
Reminiscent of old downtown, the form of the Wichita Sidescraper is an extrusion of the original Wichita Union Station. The new transportation station branches off of its remains then curves around the site ending in a massive version of the original form. Rhythm develops in the spaces between the individual sections of the sidescraper, speeding down the straightaway off of the original station and slowing down as the bulding curves around the site, finally coming to a stop at the end of the new transportation headquarters.


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