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Four Point Surface Grasshopper

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Classic styled columns are generally rather stiff and stagnant. This large installation piece manipulates the form of the Doric columns in the New York Brooklyn Museum. Situ Studio reinterprets the rigid structure into giant illuminated ballooning shapes that completely contrast the original columns. Instead of the general dormant movement of a classic column, the ballooning shapes add motion and movement, as they seem to sway and dance around in the space.

This tensile fabric structure strangely adds a level of complexity, even though it removes some of the intricate detailing in a Doric column. In the beginning stages of the production of this instillation piece, Situ Studio discovered that removing the ornamentation could bring the columns back on an entirely new level. This installation was accomplished through attaching a series of hoops suspended with rope to a collar on the top of the column. White fabric with French folds then covered this structure. Eventually the fabric disappears at the base into circular banquettes.

This piece explores the possibilities of different shapes and movements that can be influenced from a basic cylindrical shape. While the tensile fabric structure cannot work effectively in a skyscraper, the basic idea of exploration of structure, removing of ornamentation, and bringing an old idea to a new level can most definitely be influenced in the design of a skyscraper. With the available technology, even the unique detailing of French folding can be included in a skyscraper, but obviously with different material than fabric