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The volume tool can be used to calculate the volume of any closed breps or meshes in rhino.  This is a simple tool that can be useful to anyone when calculating volumes of their models.  All you need to do is makes sure all your meshes are closed, add a mesh in GH, right-click > set multiple meshes > enter, then add the volume toll in GH. If you connect the two and scroll over the volume graphic, the volumetic dimensions are shown in a yellow box for the meshes in rhino.

Here is the GH file – volume_

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Circular Symbiosis Tower

There are many changes rapidly approaching the world of design and the design of the world.  Topics such as population growth, urban zoning, sustainable agriculture and vital, healthy standards of living.  That is why I choose this particular project that addresses all these topics.  I seen many examples of “living” towers but this particular one stood out because it is the first skyscraper that proposes a vertical farm for actual livestock. The main concept is to create a new habitat to raise cattle within the city. The skyscraper consists of spiraling platforms or grass fields where cows will be free to roam. After 30 days of habiting the same pasture they will rotate to the next level. Then the cycle continues with other animals shifting into freshly chewed grass area the cows left, animals like chicken.  Transportation costs will be non-existent and the raised animals will have a better quality of life.