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Extrude Linear

-begin with any desired shape.
-double click.
-“find” extrude linear
-P: Profile Curve or Surface : connect
-Po: Plane indicating orientation of profile shape : connect
-A: Extrusion Axis : connect
-A0: Optional orientational planes for each axis: optional
-Extrude box will change from green to grey
-you will now be able to use the extrude option (connected to Rhino)


The Walt Disney Concert Hall located in Downtown Los Angeles is far from typical. Designed by Frank Gehry, this building even draws in visitors that dislike classical music to see its beautiful auditorium and exterior. The exterior, covered in fluid shapes and curves translates into the inside allowing for the sound to bounce around. Extensive use of technology was used to create this magnificent space. The program CATIA (Computer-Aided Three-Dimensional Interactive Application) made the building’s many curves understandable therefore making it buildable. Unlike most buildings, this building was completely designed from the inside out. The curves are product of the sound system. I think that this idea could be easily applied to a skyscraper. Most skyscrapers are square in plan. The use of this technology and design could create a building with great visual interest along with a great purpose for this fluid design.