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Lengthens a curve on a surface to the surface edge at both ends.


  1. Select a curve on a surface.
  2. Select the surface.
  3. Extend > Extend Curve on Surface
  4. Curve > Extend Curve > Curve on Surface

Fluidity of Industry

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Intimate and simple, yet the most complex and natural art of rock stacking can translate directly into the elements of general design.  Evolving directly from nature and free from alteration, the process is almost more impressive than the product of this unique craft.  Directly resembling a skyscraper, the visual is not only what draws a comparison.  The evolution of design from the ground up as well as the practical sense of structure have to be meshed to survive the elements and sustain in the surrounding environment.  The subtle choices of location and taking a step back to view the entire landscape add to such a beautiful art that is so in tune with the natural setting.  While being comprised of nature, in nature, the beauty almost seems out of place and that is what is so striking.  The thought of a landscape being imposed by one stack of rocks and the result is an unharmed environment parallels the addition of a skyscraper fitting seamlessly into a city, yet making a statement of beauty from its opposition and design.