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P4. Wu,Cho & Griffin

We have chose to Waffle the most interesting part of our skyscraper to show the excitement of its tectonic space.


GH basic (my grasshopper file)

Curvature in Grasshopper is programed to have 5 variables. there are  C(curve), t(Number for diameter on curve domain to evaluate), P(point of the carve), K(curvature vector at) and C(curvature circle at). Once you line up all of those variable, you are able to create a curvature from a curve based on your variables. I did it a little bit more. such as divide, line, and circle. hope you guys like it.

(Jason)Guande Wu

P1_Guande Wu_section1

The skyscraper is called structural geodesics, designed by Vahan Misakyan for the city of Yerevan in Armenia. The reason i chose it, is because its form expresses some sort of powers and energy. Its shape is organic and smooth like nature, but artificial like alien machine as well.  The intelligent skin of building is not only able to control the light that comes in, but also absorb the light as power.

I think that the most interesting part of this skyscraper will be the space. Its space is not longer built like box but hexagon like comb. Hexagonal structure should have a stronger and stable structure comparing to boxes since diamond is the hardest natural object.  Architecturally, I can feel an aesthetic quality of motion from the form, volume and space. I can feel that the motion starts from the bridge to main entrance, and ends at the top of the tower. Three towers spirally connect to each other to the highest point like a three-petal flower. hope you guys enjoy it.