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With an existing Volume the volume tool is most valuable in finding the centroid of the solid.  Using the centroid I used the vertexes and line tool to create a pipe from the centroid to the vertexes.  But overall the tool’s best use is either finding the volume of a solid or its centriod.


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This skyscraper concept is by Sohta Mori and Yuichiro Minato for the Evolo Architecture competition.  Height and shape were not constraints but it had to take into consideration existing urban fabric, human scale and the environment.

Connecting three twisted forms in this wrapping modern way creates my favorite part of the building which is the central outdoor green space.  The void in the center of these shapes has four terraces and is mostly covered.  The possibility of being on the 75th floor of a skyscraper and being outdoors with trees and a large green area to take care of your animals or just be outdoors is intriguing.  I’ve always been drawn to geometric design that creates voids and movement with its intersection and overlapping which is the strength of this project.  I think they did an excellent job of working the environment into what is usually a kind of project where that issue is not addressed.