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Planar surface

First you must make a curved line with rhino.  You then go onto grasshopper and link the curve to a curve node.

Next you must select the planar surface option in grasshopper and link the curve node into the side of the planar node that is labeled E.

You must then create a second curved line and loft it in rhino.  You then create a surface node in grasshopper and link the lofted surface of rhino to the grasshopper node.

The last step would then be to link the surface node to the planar surface node, connecting it to the side labeled S.

The Flat Tower

This is a skyscraper that was designed by Yoann Mescam, Paul-Eric Schirr-Bonnans, and Xavier Schirr-Bonnans of France. This skyscraper is not meant to rise above the others, more to cover the most ground. This Flat Tower is designed to not disrupt the city scape of a medium sized city. There are cell like openings that allow for sunlight to reach the vegetation that grows underneath of the office buildings. The building still retains it’s function, with the offices being located throughout the dome structure, so while it may not rise above the others, it is still a working office building.
This tower would be relevant to the architectural and interior design of a skyscraper because it is a new way to conceive of one. When one thinks of the word skyscraper, you think of a very tall building. This is not the case with this building because it s in the shape of a dome. This then opens up a whole new world to the possibilities of architects and interior designers to think outside of the box when it comes to skyscrapers. They can still be office spaces, but with a unique twist on them to match the form, or some other sort of idea. The possibilities are endless when we divert from the normal means of thinking.