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Loft Options

The loft Options button lets you determine how you can loft a set of lines together.  There are options for default lofts and curved lofts.


–draw 3 lines in rhino

–input curve object in grasshopper

–connect rhino to grasshopper

–select loft object

You can then go into loft options and change the default settings.

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“Niu Shu” was a 2009 evolo project designed by Francis Wilmore, Courtney Brinegar, and Jennifer Cramer.  This project location is Hong Kong, China.

Niu Shu in mandarin means “twisting tree”, which explains the twisting nature of the building.  The building’s purposes are to serve as a farm, a food production company, a market, and residential units.  Underneath the building is where the farming area is located and from there, plants grow up the sides of the twisting towers.  The towers twisting nature is directly related to the growth of the plants because it allows certain plants to be hit with a specific amount of light for a specific amount of time.  The main targets for this project were environmental, cultural, and economical.

These buildings are inspiring for two different reasons.  One reason is the organic and natural elements of the buildings.  The buildings’ shapes are very organic and then the purpose of the buildings brings an environmental and natural quality.  The use of space is another quality to take note of.  The buildings serve multiple purposes and they go upward rather than outward.