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Alex Gormley, Matt Whitcomb, Jon Schaefer RPC Submission

We condensed the form down to a manageable size. After determining a material thickness we contoured the two exterior shells, then calculated the floor slots and exterior glazing cutouts. Separately we exported the skin from Maya in Rhino and contoured it. Overall this model will give us a feel for the wind flow around the building and structural basis of the building.

Curve Tab/Spline Menu/ Interpolate

In the curve tab, the Interpolate command is used to create a curve from identified points. The command does this first by inputting your selected points, then used an integer value greater than one it creates the curve degree. The final input is the Boolean operation which marked false will not close the curve created. The export side of the command requires a curve plug-in (resulting curve), a number plug-in (curve length), and a domain plug-in (curve domain). After you perform a bake with the command you will have a new curve created from the points.Interpolate

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In this entry to the eVolo skyscraper competition, the driving concept is one of an energy self-sufficient skyscraper using the power of wind. The building is occupied by a hospital and then living quarters for patients and employees. The reason behind this program is to solve Moscow’s growing hospital problem in which the city’s hospitals keep spreading and do not meet current standards for hospitals. The issue is that the Russian healthcare system is free so the hospitals rely on the government mainly for funding.
The building acts as a “vertical wind station” in how it uses tentacle like members created by wind turbine like modules. These members become the aesthetic force in the building and give it an appearance of a building being disintegrated in the wind. This power generation will help power the hospital to reduce operating cost and generate energy for the city grid.
What I feel is relevant to this project is the use of members in irregular patterning to create an effect of disintegration and motion in a static, or mostly static, building. This effect would allow for more abstract ideas to articulate in the CAD world. I feel this would be a beneficial skill to learn in order to start pushing the limits of what we can model in CAD programs and open possibilities for future projects.