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The center tool is helpful in finding the centerpoint and radius of an arc or circle. I also used the divide tool to separate the arc into multiple points, and the line tool to connect the centerpoint with the divisions on the arc. The number slider controls the number of divisions in the arc, and the line connections create a visual of the

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As the world population continues to rapidly increase, finding space in dense urban areas will continue to become more difficult. Vertical architecture is a major solution to this problem, and in the near future we will see many innovative ideas concerning rethinking the skyscraper and making them as efficient as possible. Designed for the 2011 eVolo Skyscraper Competition by Y Design Office, The 21st Century Plug-in Housing project tackles the issue of housing development in Hong Kong. The idea is that each inhabitant can customize their living experience by choosing from a range of apartment sizes and features to fit their needs. Each unit is based on a 2.6 m cube, spanning from XS to XL. With this base size, “each unit feature is highly modularized allowing open configuration and arrangement in the interior, accommodating each individual’s needs.” The idea of the plug-in housing allows residents a very customized living experience, at the same time trying to solve the problem of limited space in a very dense urban environment.