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Intersect/Region Intersect

DicksonRegionIntersectionI investigated the Region Intersection definition in Grasshopper. This definition allows you to identify and manipulate the region two closed curves share. Essentially, it can be used as a 2-dimensional Boolean operation to create new forms and shapes.

Shadow Pavilion

The Shadow Pavilion is a small, relatively simple structure created by PLY Architecture.  It creates vivid effects not only as an object to be observed from the outside but also to be experienced from within.  It is comprised of over one hundred laser cut aluminum sheets that were rolled into cones, attached in groups and then the bottom row is buried under the soil.  The primary driving idea behind the project was to utilize modeling software to determine and exploit shadow patterns.
The pavilion serves an artistic purpose as a statue in a botanical garden by reflecting and distorting the wildlife around it in addition to funneling light and water to create a distinct space inside.  This is another great example of how parametric design can be utilized to take advantage of a certain effect and exaggerate it to define a space while also making a distinct design statement.