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P4 & P5 Betz, Eaton, Thompson

Final submission of P4 and P5 for Scott Betz, Adam Eaton, and Kate Thompson.

Betz, Thompson, Eaton tower RPC

We vertically contoured each side of the web-like structure and unrolled the surfaces of the boxes for laser cut. The web structure will be cut out of 1/2″ MDF and the boxes will be cut with added detail etching from acrylic and spray frosted.


Containment takes selected closed curves or polysurfaces and selects every point contained within. It can also select all points outside or between closed curves. In this example, the curves were assigned as the containment objects and the grasshopper command selects the contained points.

File: Containment


P1_Scott Betz_04

Marc Fornes’ “nonLin/Lin Pavilion” in Orleans, France uses parametric design to create forms that resemble coral out of digitally cut flat sheets of plastic. Informed by the structural integrity of coral, the pavilion turns somewhat flimsy sheets of plastic into a structure strong enough to climb on. This could inform a similar application in the eVolo tower competition by minimizing material use while maintaining structural integrity. Also, this has potential to be applied at the scale of a tower because it is using standard, flat sheets of material and digital cutting. The cut pieces are riveted together in a process that could be applied to a tower. The porosity of the pavilion also bears resemblance to that of coral. Carrying the structural load in the shell is more efficient and maximizes the interior space of each created space within the pavilion. These are two very sought-after traits in a tower with rent-able space.