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Offset Loose v Offset

Offset Loose 3

Offset Loose Example

The screenshot shows the basic grasshopper setup for offset and offset loose. Offset loose is less strict than offset, and therefore makes a smoother interpretation. You can see each function side by side. The top surface is the original, the curve below has been “offset loose” and the one to the side “offset”

Repetitive Detail on a Monumental Structure

Here are a series of images captured by photographer Richard Gubbles. These powerful photos show how a series of reletively simple and similar pieces add together to create a monumental structure. The grid of the walls seems to be at a very small scale compared to the size of the cooling tower. It would be interesting to see the same type of small unit with only small chages in its shape add together to make another form.

These photos are also powerful for their relation to the sky. This relationship is intensified by the monumentality of the walls creating the space, and by the focus that the shape makes on the sky. Is it possible to use this same effect to pull light into multiple layers of a skyscraper? The powerful lighting highlights the details of the walls and of the ground plane.

The ground plane in these images is not solid, but more of a moment in the space. The center is a solid shape, supported and surrounded by repetitive units.

More Photos can be found on the Artist’s Flikr.