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Brep Join

Brep Join – Joins a number of breps together
Inputs: B (Brep) Breps to join
Outputs: B (Brep) Joined breps
C (Boolean) Closed flag for each resulting brep

Create two Breps in Rhino.

Type the command Grasshopper in Rhino.

Double click in Grasshopper, type Brep and select Brep. Repeat so you have two Breps.

Go to Surface, then Utilities, and select Brep Join—drag and place on field.

Connect one Brep into the input of Join, then hold down shift and connect the second Brep into the input of Join.

Right click on first Brep and assign one Brep from Rhino, and then repeat on the other Brep for the other Brep in Rhino.

Click on the Join component.

You know can click on each individual brep or click on the Join and have them combined.


Special Mention 2006 Skyscraper Competition Adelaide Marchi, Nicola Marchi France

Nicola Marchi discusses how skyscrapers resemble a forest, and in dense areas even act as a forest where they compete for light and space. Yet, in urban settings the trees, which make the forest we recreate through architecture, become dwarfed. The aim of this project was to return the tree to its central role of dominating the environment. This structure is designed to be sustainable in terms of shape, materials, and renewable energy. This aspect is what drew me to this project.  Each circular floor is shifted which allows natural light into each level. The resulting cylindrical-esque form also helps overcome wind resistance.  The structure is sheathed in a metal screen to provide transparency beyond that created with the shifting of the levels. Glazed elevators also exemplify views in and out of the space. The central atrium produces air currents to propel turbines, and solar modules attached to the façade also provide energy.