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Tower Final Spread

Laser cutting project screenshot

This tower was unfolded in Rhino and transferred to Illustrator. A few more simple details were added in Illustrator before submitting to the printer.

Grasshopper Button Solid Union from Intersect Menu

The “Solid Union” button from the intersect menu is a basic button with only one input and one output node. The input is two or more Breps or Rhino solids and the output is the result of combining those two or more solids into one. Essentially, the buttons performs the same function as the “Boolean Union” function does in Rhino. However, it is far more flexible than using the Boolean function in Rhino because it can be used at any point in a sequence of manipulations with other Grasshopper functions. The example posted with this post demonstrates how a simple “Solid Union” can be used to cut and slice two Rhino solids into layers as one object, rather than cutting and slicing each individual Brep or Rhino solid. Solid-Union Button

Tree House Skyscraper

p1_Adam Rayne_08

We often see much touted designs celebrating the “organic form” but what is so often seemingly overlooked is the organic matter. Organic form is often expressed by very inorganic materials such as concrete steel and glass. What is inspiring about the picture below is that organic matter is the driving for force behind the design. The building, designed by architect Stefano Boeri,  is the Bosco Verticale; a towering 27-story structure, currently under construction in Milan, Italy. Once complete, the tower will be home to the world’s first vertical forest.
The building makes a fascinating study of what sustainability might look like in the future. The building is designed as a system that optimizes, recuperates and produces energy. It aids in the creation of a microclimate and in filtering the dust particles contained in the urban environment. The diversity of the plants and their characteristics produce humidity, absorb CO2 and dust particles, producing oxygen and protect from radiation and acoustic pollution, improving the quality of living spaces and saving energy. Is this the building that defines a new era of high density, urban environmentally conscious architecture?