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Points/Analysis/Randomized Grid

This Script allows you to pick a random set of points along a grid rather than generating them. The first step is to create a field using the series and the Point XYZ buttons, and later using the slider to determine the distance between each point. You must do this twice, one set for the X values and the other one for the Y values. In order to keep track of the points, you must use the list button, and to shuffle them use the Jitter.

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Surrounded by some of Russia’s most exceptional iconic cathedrals, the new Dance Palace in St. Petersburg will embrace the rich history of Russian Modern Ballet through highly innovative acoustical techniques and program arrangement. Its facade system consists of triangular cladding panels that allows the building to be perceived from a distance in the same way theatrical stages are perceived from the inside by the audience. The high levels of transparency provide a kind of theater condition to the visitors of the square, giving them a sense for the function of the building before they enter it.

In the same way, skyscrapers can and should relate more to their urban context. If an architectural experience can be anticipated before one actually experiences the spaces, the spaces themselves become friendlier and more clear to the visitor. Everything from the play to the actors, from the actors to the audience, from the audience to the building, and from the building to the city should follow a logic that embraces the physical and emotional experience.

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