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P5_02 Qi Jia / Shelby Feenick 04 Boer Deng

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We used a mixture of maya, rhino, and grasshopper. The inside floors are generated from maya, and then we used a waffle script to divide the solid. We need applied a grasshopper hexagon pattern to the exterior envelope, which was then slotted to give structure to the floors.



The tangent command could be very useful if there is a master planning that is a radius based plan. The plan would be very organized through the tangent of the center circle. Regarding to the skyscraper, it can be used to assemble the spaces from the core of the building so that it extends out at a certain arrangement.

Name: Qi Jia

Section 02

P1_Qi Jia_02

The concept of this building is “Subservience”. As today, urbanization is accelerating; a lot of places in the world have little room to build to support people’s needs. As designers, we need to think about how we can well engage new design with existing buildings from appearance and the structure point of view.

By taking advantages of many parametric strategies, the parts of the building can be self supported or supported by adjacent buildings. Not only do designers structurally consider, but also create interesting spaces with the method of folding, unfolding and wrapping around. In human scale, the spaces inside are very irregular. People would have very different experiences at each part of the building. Because it does not have a well-defined boundary, the spaces remain its continuity, which gives people a sense of open and infinity. In contrast, the existing buildings around it are narrow and regular, which do not give people a challenging experience. A complex design, but not complicated, would draw peoples’ attention to their surrounding environment rather than being in their own daily life. Thus, it carefully fits into its own narrow place and nicely integrates with its surrounding buildings.

In both digital and analog approach, the experiments and explorations of the modules allow repetition to make a difference.