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Final_P5 05_Yi-Ting Kuo 06_Qinglan Luo

P3_06_Qinglan luo_Offset Loose

-Open Grasshopper.

-Draw a surface in Rhino.

-Connect the surface with “srf” in Grasshooper.

-Select “Offset Loose” which under “Surface”.

-Drop line from “Srf”, plug into “S” on “Offset Losse”.

-Double clink, type in “Slider”, select “Number Slider”.

-Drop line from “Slider” plug into “D” on “Offset Loose”, change the range of slinder.

-Then could see a surface could be move out of the basic surface.

If I set an “Explode” tool I can see the point on each angle of that surface, but I did not figure out how to make those point moved individually. So I did not change the surface.

P1_Qinglan Luo_05

I chose The National Assembly for Wales which has a wooden surface. The material gives me some inspiration about my interior space. I love things from the nature, that could make me feel relax. This a government’s building, at the most time it should be solemn, but this building makes me feel people will be comfortable to get in it. The building’s striking sculpted roof was inspired by the natural flow of forces within a folding plate structure. The smooth shape makes this space huge but soft. The columns seems like grew into the roof such as a tree trunk. The roof is really high that can let enough daylight come into this building. All of these ideas are from nature, and these are also in my design opinion. This building gave me the inspiration for interior design, and makes me understand what I need to change for my concept.