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P3_Circle 3pt

The “Circle 3 pt. button” uses 3 points to create a circle. For instance, I created 3 curved & then used the “divide curve button” to divide the curve a certain number of times. I was then able to link the output from the “divide curve button” to the “circle 3 pt. button” to create circles at every division. Here’s the grasshopper file: Circle 3pt

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The Autopoiesis of Architecture; Vol. 1 A New Framework for Architecture

By: Patrick Schumacher

While reviewing Schumacher’s Autopoiesis of Architecture, Peter Buchanan noted,  ‘Perhaps the most intelligent use of parametric modeling is to explore new formal disciplines to bring a wide range of increased efficiencies, in terms of structure, energy, constructional assembly, shaping of flows of people, air and so on.’ He further goes on to explain how parametric design’s greatest value is to reach an ‘eco-sustainability’ by connecting architects, engineers, and constructors in the design process.

Parametric design is at its best when influenced by different factors, like site, energy resource, program and structure, rather than simply using parametric modeling for form finding.