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Coleman, Mandly-Digital Fabrication

-Our structure was first designed in Maya.

-We then transferred the mesh to Rhino.

-The contour command was then used to generate curves to represent our form.

-These contours were then exported to Illustrator.

-The Illustrator file was then used to Laser Cut each level out of four 1/8″ sheets of bass wood.

-We then layered these pieces to create the detail form of our building.

Exoskeleton Tower Spread

Parametric Exoskeleton

The design of the tower is inspired by hyperbolic geometry, elegant mathematical forms, and the dynamic yet infinitely balanced taegeuk. The result is an iconic sculptural form that is reminiscent of natural phenomenon. The lattice tower design removes the central core which is archetypical of tall observation towers and replaces it with a lightweight and transparent structure. Within the vast vertical interior space two spheroid volumes that contain the observation platform and educational / entertainment program are suspended in the void creating a tower that is both introvert and extrovert.

I chose this design because I found the idea of a parametrically designed exoskeleton very interesting.  There are ample example of exoskeletons found in nature.  The most abundant examples are Arachnids, Insects and crustaceans.

There are few inherent benefits with implementing this structural system.  The first being that two essential buildings systems can be combined, the main structure and the out shell/cladding.  With the structure move away from the the center of the construction more space can be allotted to specific programing and spacial design.

Also with original “spine” structure is transformed into an “exoskeleton,” the moment of the inertia of entire building can be increased to combat lateral load as in high wind conditions.  The may even be a viable options for construction on terrestrial objects that experience high wind conditions, such as Mars.