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Discontinuity Button (P3_Tim Shamblin 01)

The “Discontinuity” button (Curve/Analysis/Discontinuity) takes the input of a curve or curves and a parameter to specify which type of parametric discontinuity (C1, C2, or Cn), then outputs and highlights all points of discontinuity on the curve.

A more in depth explanation of curve continuity:

A discontinuous curve is a curve where the tangency or other parameter of a curve changes instantly. This usually appears in a curve in one of three ways, depending on the type of continuity:

C1: Continuity based on Continued tangency (Discontinuity at breaks and sharp points)

C2: Continuity requires continued tangency and center point (Discontinuity at breaks, sharp points and inflections)

Cn (or Cinfinite): Continuity requires higher level continuity (Discontinuity at breaks, sharp points and inflections and ‘kinks’)

The attached script will create a Sphere and a circle on each point of Discontinuity.

P1_Tim Shamblin_01

The Al Hamra Firdous Tower is a project by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill in Kuwait City. The tower attains a variety of goals unified into a single sweeping form. The aesthetic, primarily derived from the ideals of modern sculpture, makes the overall tower a waving, elegant curtain on three sides, and a strong, carved face of uniform stone on one side. The folds of the structure are primarily responsive to the strong desert sun in Kuwait, a move made to reduce the heat and radiation issues commonly encountered in the region.

The structure of the Al Hamra tower is an ’articulated lamella’ pattern which allows for a webbing form near the ground to open up and invite patrons into it’s considerable interior, including a 20 meter high Lobby. As the structure moves upward, it pinches off to create a structure that links into the folds of the upper tower.

The south façade’s solid stone exterior connected to the glass curtain that wraps around the north, east and west sides, then set upon a woven structure that pinches and opens where needed creates a building that absorbs the harshest of incident energies in the name of efficiency, while still allowing for maximum daylight and views, creating an iconic but simple landmark for public use.