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When applied to a surface, the planar tool analyzes the planarity of that surface. As the points that create the surface are manipulated in Rhino, the plane associated with that node shifts and changes. It adjusts to show the closest single plane associated with that surface. I also utilized the surface subdivide tool to add more divisions in the surface.

My grasshopper file: kaplanap_surface_planar

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Auroville is an experimental township located in India that is based on the principles of peace and progressive harmony as well as human unity. The master plan, designed by French architect Roger Anger, reflects these ideals, creating a centralized community. The plan is anchored in the center by what is called “The Peace Area” which consists of a large Banyan Tree, an outdoor Amphitheater and the Matrimandir, a temple. This project is a good example of how a theoretical idea can be then translated into related graphics and then again into built structure. Anger took into consideration the needs and philosophical desires of the community, and used them to directly connect one with the surrounding structures. We can use this idea of connection to the community in the design of our skyscrapers. Even though they are vertical entities, skyscrapers must also fit into their overall context and the design must show and understanding for the community’s ideals.