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To create the core of our building, we first booleaned all of the vertical tubes together, and ran a contour every 1/8th of an inch. This gave us the slices for laser cutting. The notch out of the center will allow for easy construction, and gives a direction to all of the pieces. This core will be constructed out of cardboard with a vertical piece of basswood as the spine.

In order to create the skin of our building, we ran a grasshopper waffle script. We chose a waffle to best show the shape of the skin, while allowing to still view the core through it. This waffle will be made out of museum board to give us a color contrast between core and skin.

Curve/Division/Perp Frames

The perpendicular lines button takes a curve, and creates a series of planes along it (the highlighted green in the top picture). From here, you can create many things on the plane, in order to create an array of objects along the curve.

I created a polygon on each of the planes. From here, I used the pipe button to turn the polygonal curves into pipes. You could have also created an extrusion, or a loft.

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Waterfalls have many qualities that may be beneficial to skyscrapers of the future. What makes waterfalls so unique is the fluidity of the water. The fluidity makes waterfalls the ever-changing beauties that they are. Each drop of water smoothly adjusts individually relative to both the environmental conditions that it is surrounded by and the surrounding water. The ability to change and adjust smoothly could be related to a possible facade treatment, the has the ability to change when affected by certain environmental conditions. Waterfalls also have the ability to evolve over time through erosion, in order to keep their path efficient and fluid. This could be desirable in programming. Times change and buildings are continually being updated and renovated to fit whatever needs that are required of them. Therefore the program of a skyscraper should be able to easily and smoothly adjust to various functions possible in the future.

In today’s world, the most desirable offices, hotel rooms, and apartments are often located at the top of the tower, where views are the best, and where people feel as though they are at the top of a metaphorical social ladder. This would create a higher density, or concentration at the top, quite like a Akaka Falls. The closer to the bottom the water gets, the thinner and more spread out it becomes. Right at the bottom, the falls almost seem to be a blur, gently blending into the surrounding environment, the pool at the bottom.