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Extrude Point

In order to extrude a point, Grasshopper wanted me to create a planar surface in Rhino.

1) I used the four point surface tool and created the surface shown above.

2) I created a point within this surface.

3) I selected the surface and opened it in Grasshopper.

4) I then linked the “surface” command in grasshopper to my plane, and did the same thing with the point I created.

5) I connected these with the “extrude” command in Grasshopper and completed the circuit with a Brep.

This is the set-up needed when one wants to take a point out of a planar surface and extrude it.

P1_Kathryn Merrilees_04

Urban Forest/MAD Architects

MAD Architects have been working on syncing architecture with nature for quite some time.  This skyscraper concept, located in Chongquing, China, is no exception. This Urban Forest towers over the city with its’ exaggerated cantilevers. The curved and shifting nature of the floors provide the skyscraper a feeling of movement – giving it a unique tree-like quality. This structure has been described as “a swaying tree in a forest of towers”.  Each level has floor to ceiling glass – strengthening the connection between nature and the big city. The glass façades fade into the background, as the levels appear to simply float. The extended floor plates form balconies where vegetation, courtyards, pools, and trees are placed.  People would have the opportunity to enjoy the perks of living in a rural area without giving up their urban lifestyle. Incorporating nature into a large urban structure is perfect – since there are very few opportunities to do so.  This concept defies the dullness of the typical skyscraper, and begins to break down the wall between architecture and nature.