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Surface/Analysis/Box Corners

The tool “box corners” is found under the surface analysis tab in Grasshopper. It is a relatively simple tool that shows a user where the corners are of a specified object and allows the user to use those corners for other things. I started with a simple box and applied the box corners tool to it. This gave me x’s where the box corners were and allowed me to use each of those corners for other uses. I then applied a sphere function to two of those corners (one for the base point and one for the radius) giving me a sphere with a radius using those box corners.

Regina Stack p03 surface analysis box corners

p1_Regina Stack_02

The Basque Culinary Center in Spain is an example of how a building’s facade can give away exactly what is going on inside the building. This simple banded and stacked structure is home to a culinary center. Training, research, and collaboration between educational institutions, technology centers, and public groups are housed in this building. The stacking of plates was the inspiration for this culinary center, however, I think the interior of this building is just as interesting as the stacked facade. Each interior space is defined by the patterns applied to the materials inside that space. This way the linear auditorium and the exterior garden area are clearly two different spaces. In the same way that the exterior facade defines and describes the building, the interior spaces do the same.