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The Flower of Singapore/Irina Shibaeva, Christopher Wood, Lauren Hillner

Box plane

Box Plane – this function fit a rectangular plane through the box.

First, I made plane as input. Then I created plan as input as well. Then I created function calls number as input and Surface as output. I got a red rectangular plane through the box, which goes in the same angles as plane plane. If I change number, the size of this rectangular plane changes.

Singapore’s Waterfront

This proposed skyscraper is locatedin Singapore’s waterfront building. It has a perfect relationship with the natural world. The Singapore’s climate let the architect to use the Green design project. A lot of environmental technological techniques were used: natural ventilation, rainwater collectors and rich vegetation. Also, the specific shape of the building let the wind to pass through and creates shaded atrium, which connects all the parts of the building providing an additional support to the tower. Because of the hot Singapore climate, shading was a one of the main considerations. Thus, each residence has own shaded private garden. Thisrandom pattern on the façade is made with the purpose for these shaded gardens to exist and creates corridors for natural ventilation. The hotel and office parts of the building have bigger openings, which provides more ventilation and natural light.

The main idea was to create a perfect building for apartments, hotel and the offices with their own gardens in Singapore’s downtown. That goal was accomplished by using a lot of vegetation, shading and pools filled with rainwater.’s-waterfront/#more-8845