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Dimension Tool

The dimension tool in Grasshopper is used to dimension a shape created in Rhino. However, it does not automatically create dimension markers in Rhino, to see the dimension, you must check Grasshopper.

Dimension Tool File Link

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The concept for the Netanya city center is a great example of blurring the borders of urban fabric and landscape planning. Yaniv Pardo Architects designed the building to serve as space for cultural, commercial and social activities and services. The building emphasizes accessibility and transparency.

I find this building to be very inspiring. It successfully creates a connection between interior and exterior space. I am interested in the idea of organic movement in the skyscraper’s design and the large amount of green surface area provided. Not only are the green roofs aesthetically pleasing and provide another connection to the landscape planning, but they also make the environmental impact of the building much smaller through geothermal planting. Due to the strong translucency of the building, natural light brightens the space throughout the day and artificial light radiates from the building at night. This use of light makes the building inviting and puts it on display; it is perfect for use as a public building/gathering space.

I would like to focus my project on translucency, connection to landscape planning and light use.