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Computer Skills Final

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4PT. Sphere

1. Open Rhino and create 4 points

2. Open Grasshopper and double click on the field and type “Sphere 4pt”

3. Right click on “P1″ and select “Set one point”

4. Select a point in Rhino (there will be a red ‘X’ over the point)

5. Repeat for “P2″-“P3″

6. A red sphere will appear in Rhino

The grasshopper file is:  4 pt sphere

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Evolo Competition

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This ski resort in Lapland, Finland was proposed to be a destination for skiers from around the world.  The resort is located near the Kittila airport, which makes it ideal for visitors.  The building was designed to become part of the summit.  The building radiates out in four directions from a central square.  The four appendages of the building stretch out to create four free standing buildings.  Roof access is provided on each building so that visitors to the resort can exit the building from the roof and descend down the rooftop to the slopes below.  The center pavilion that is created by the four radiating buildings is closed to the wind, but open to the landscape beyond.

The architects use of the summit is fascinating.  He creates organic forms that mimic the preexisting topography, as if the building was grown instead of built.  The space created by the coming together of the four building is interesting.  Although it is a completely exterior space, it has the feeling of being an interior.  The space is wind free, but invites the visitors to view the magnificent scenery around.