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Final- Folded Drapes

Curve/Primitive/Circle Fit

Circle Fit is a fairly basic tool used to draw a circle from a collection of points. The fewer the points the more accurate the circle will be, as it is drawn tangent to these points. When more points are added than can be tangent to the circle, the circle will be an average of the collection of points, being tangent to as many as the collection allows. When we select different collections of the same group of points, different circles can emerge and be used for a variety of other commands.

Bridge: Modern vs. nature


I always think it is interesting when designers say something is inspired by nature, when it looks nothing like nature at all. This bridge is very interesting, but in my opinion doesn’t necessarily have to be derived from the concept of water, which is supposedly what it is meant to do. Sometimes I think it’s okay to build something modern and say it looks modern.

However this bridge was built with the idea of sustainability in mind, as the main material used (fibreC) is made up of “degradable, purely mineral raw materials”.  This bridge was the winner in a competition focused on the concepts of water and sustainability. 

I like this structure because the skin is made up of three dimensional shapes that are not in one set pattern. In this way it succeeds in looking like water, although once you look at it from a distance it loses its “organic-ness” and simply looks like a modern type of grid.  I like the idea they were trying to go with, and I am interested to find out what the reaction of the local people is of how successful it is in this concept.