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Curve: Division – Contour

The Contour component allows for the systematic division of a curve in accordance to the selection of the curve to contour (circle, line, rectangle, etc.), the contour start point (controlled by x,y,z coordinates), the contour normal direction (the vector – contour lines cut the curve perpendicular to the direction of the vector (see diagram)), and the distance between contours (value determining the spacing between intersection points).

curve_division_contour definition

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Sou Fujimoto’s winning design for the Taiwan Tower Competition for Taichung City exists as a progressive take to a monumental building in an urban context. The facade’s beautiful simplicity is composed interestingly by 8cm white hollow steel tubes. The difference in scale between the constructive unit and the overall visual mass of the tower is stunning, allowing for a very unique experience of viewing the building, depending on the viewer’s proximity to it.

The green space located at the top of the tower stands out with a very strong visual presence, contrasting starkly with the color of the facade and sky. The visual ambiguity of the façade allows for the greenery to stand out, celebrating its presence in the urban context of Taichung City.

Along with the use of several sustainable energy generation and collection strategies, the tower implements a visually stunning system of LED lighting that shines from within, outwards. This unique design decision allows for the simple use of the LED lighting, interacting with the dense arrangement of small steel tubes, to create a beautiful and iconic visual presence.

The capability of the tower to exist as an urban landmark using its light manipulation strategies gives the proposal a very striking character. While many progressive towers attempt to use form and complexity to attract attention, Fujimoto’s tower uses the ideas of visual contrast and simplicity on an immense scale to create interest.