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Submission of 3-D Print and Laser Cut Floor Slab


The Polyarc tool in Grasshopper can be used to connect a number of points together with arcs. The points can be made in Rhino and then selected in Grasshopper or they can be made from the point command in Grasshopper. After the points are picked, the line to the V plug can be attached and the poly arc will be drawn. Next, a tangent vector can be drawn with line and inserted into the T input. Finally, a line to close the polyarc curve can be created and plugged into the C spot.


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Skyscraper Roots is a design submitted to the eVolo Skyscraper competition by Laurent Saint-Val and seeks to find inspiration in nature and apply it to the design of a building.  The roots of this building bring activity from the ground up the skyscraper much like the way water is collected and spread throughout the trees branches.  Also as the building rises off the ground the branches find support in each other especially in times where winds are high.  The forces exerted by the wind are transferred from one branch to another and eventually to the structural roots.

Parametric design could be used to achieve the complexity of the structural roots that interweave with the ground to create the shopping centers and accessibility to subways.  It is also useful when creating the branches that wrap around each other as they rise up.