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Solving Intersecting events for two curves.  I used the intersections of two different lines to form sphere at these points. I first used the point from the curve/curve to link it to a circle and then linked the circle to a sphere. at Every intersection, a Sphere appears.

Julia Rine

GH File: curve curve

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The Dynamic Tower

The Dynamic Tower, also called the Shape-shifting sky scrapper is to be built in Dubia. This apartment building has a total of 80 floors, 79 of which can rotate a full circle. This creates endless possibilities for the shapes this skyscraper can form. The structure is completely energy self sufficient and is able to move by power-generating wind turbines that are located under the 79 moveable floors. The architect for this project is David Fisher.

I’m very interested in this project for many reasons. Architecture is moving towards green architecture and this is a very inspiring building needed no outside sources for energy. It also combines this green technology with very interesting design concepts. Especially the ideals of deconstructive architecture in the forms that the structure can form. The technology to create such a structure is also a great engineering feat that interest me.