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The “Area” command is a fairly simple button which allows you to easily measure the area of a planar curve, Brep mesh or enclosed surface. In addition, the button provides you with the centroid point of the curve. The areas of multiple surfaces can be calculated at once, from which the data can be organized and compared, as shown in the image with the bar graph. Here is a link to the grasshopper model for any who are interested: Area Script

P1_Jake Veldhaus_04

This chair design project was created by Studio Bram Greenen. The form was developed based upon Gaudi’s method of ¬†forming structure based on gravity. The form combined Gaudi’s hanging chain models, in which optimal shape and rib spacing were determined based on the gravity loads. These models were combined with a software script to address the complex forces on a chair’s backrest. Three factors were taken into consideration: distribution of forces across the surface, direction of force which determined rib direction, and rib depth based on the amount of force. The rib structure was then covered with a carbon fiber skin which resists compression.

The idea of using forces to inspire form can be very easily applied to the skyscraper project. Very complex and intriguing shapes can be created through the simple examination of forces in 3-d modeling programs. This chair is a brilliant examination of form based on gravity, and incorporates Gaudi’s models in a new and refreshing manner. Complexity in design can be derived through something as simple as a chair.