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Sum Surface

Sum Surface

  1. Tab (vector) Sub tab (grids) choose hexagonal
  2. Tab (surface) Sub tab (freeform) choose sum surface
  3. Connect Sum surface A and B to C on the hexagonal grid
  4. If you click the Hexagonal grid and linger the mouse arrow over the C it will list the sums of  the surface.

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The Camlica Hill TV tower was a design entry for the Evolo Magazine Skyscraper Competition. The objective is to create an integration of nature and skyscraper in a natural or urban setting. The Camilica Hill TV Tower integrated the natural landscape in an attempt to treat nature and man-made objects as one entity.

The tower is dramatic as it rises up; the building dramatization mimics that of an interrupted terrain, as if the building is an extrusion of the ground. “The intention is to utilize the tower as the functional and formal continuation of the natural protected site.” As the tower proceeds up from the terrain like base, the design mellows out, thus creating a hierarchy prevalent in the emphasis on landscape and natural integration. The tower has a triangular pattern system that is obstructed at the base, creating strong diagonals. The connection to the landscape is emphasized in the green space created in the landscape interrupted.

The project is a good example of integrating man-made objects and nature. The exaggerated angular forms of the base make the project feel like an extension of the ground, making this project a success.