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Retrim Grasshopper Component

The retrim component in Grasshopper can be found under the Util tab.
Retrim has two Inputs:
S(Surface) Source surface
T(Surface) Target distance
And one Output:
S(Surface) Retrimmed surface
The component allows you to retrim a surface based on 3D trim data from another surface.
Create however many Sliders necessary to correspond with the number of inputs.
The Output can go to any type of surface.

P1_Max Bobinski_04

Y Office Design’s Unit Fusion Tower in Hong Kong provides a fully customizable high rise residential building. It enables the owners as individuals to choose their own unit types from XS to XL, and custom-fit to their own features in accordance to their specific needs. The overall architectural settings of the units generate an extremely complex, yet harmonic living network. The network adapts through time in terms of location, zoning and orientation. Every 5 years each unit will be re-located and contribute to the expansion of the network in order to achieve improved and stronger social bonding in-between units. The 30-year life-cycle of a unit fundamentally engages 6 different locations throughout the tower. There is also a plug in & out mechanical system for the re-allocation of the units within a 4-month period for the capacity of 1,940 units.

The Unit Tower is reminiscent of the Nakagin Capsule Tower built in Tokoyo in 1972. This tower was also designed to be able to add and delete capsules, depending on the residents needs.