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Curve: Sub Curve

The sub Curve tool is a command that subtracts and splits a curve within Rhino.  I attempted to create a complex curve, then apply the Grasshopper definition.  The curve is input along with the (D) domain extract to create this subtraction to create the new curve.

Trey Meyer-Sub Curve

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Vertical Street was an entry in the 2010 Evolo skyscraper competition by Sergiy Prokof’yev, Arsenii Kusnetsov, & Oleksandr Garashchenko.  The idea behind the ‘vertical street’ is to break from the monotony and unflexible facade and structure of today’s standard high rise.  The vertical street takes on similar characteristics as new construction along the city street would.  The high rise proposed would be built of independent plots as you rise up the structure, each having their own individual facade and spatial planning to accommodate the needs of their program.  This idea would allow designers to break free from the predictable design and repetition of today’s high rises, and move towards a more complex system that caters to tenants’ desires of planning, style, and characteristics.

This ‘vertical street’ entry interested me in the way they solved the problem of breaking from limitations on design expression that come with todays high rises.  I believe a high rise should be more flexible to allow for a variety of tenants to inhabit the spaces created.  Further, I believe the facades of todays high rises do not do justice to the activity, program, and function going on within the structure.  The vertical street concept begins to break free from the tradition and allows for more expression of what is occurring on the interior.