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For this command, I created a rectangle command and drew a rectangle in Rhino and then put in my command, domain box, and connected the two. From that on my rectangular plane a 3D cube was formed.

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The Avant building was designed by Lalvani studios and was their first exterior application of AlgoRhythm Technologies for an entire building. The frame mimics the structural columns within the building by having undulated surfaces cover the exterior. The building design is 13 stories, and  plays off the idea that skyscrapers must be structured and rigid by making the exterior appear wobbly and almost unstable. The variance of the exterior gives an appearance of shifting on and within the building. It almost gives off an appearance of a shape-shifting environment, like a building Dr. Seuss would have created. The cantilevers of the porches are unique in that there is also no structure too them as they are also curvy and wavy in shape.

This building provides a nice contrast to the expected structure of a skyscraper. While it does have a solid structural system the illusion of it’s wavy exterior is an eye trick to all those who view it from the ground. The sense of intrigue pulls people into the building wondering if the interior reflects this same wavy exterior.

To me, this contrast shows that architecture  can be pushed farther than the need for stability. Create something wavy and curvy first, and then figure out how the structure will play into that. If there is concern for stability from the beginning, buildings like these wouldn’t be designed.