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Altermall Final Submission: Jennifer Bukovec, Lizzi Egbers, Carolynn Eggenberger

Isotrim Tool

To use the Isotrim tool in Grasshopper, you must first open Rhino. In Rhino, type Grasshopper in the command bar and press enter. Once in Grasshopper, click on the Surface tab at the top of the window and go to the Utilities category. Once in this category, click the Isotrim button. This will bring up an orange box titled “SubSrf” with a small “S” (surface) and “D” (domain) on the left side of the box. Then you must create the surface and domain commands to connect to the Isotrim box. To create the base surface, go to the “Freeform” tab on the top of the screen and click “4 Point Surface”. Then create a base surface in Rhino (this will connect to the Grasshopper program). Then drag the wire from the “Srf4Pt” box to the “S” on the “SubSrf” box. Then you must create the Domain. To do this, go to the Math tab at the top of the Grasshopper screen. Then click on Domain (located in the top right corner of the Domain tab). Then you must change the domain range on the domain box (ex. A=2 and B=7). Then drag the wire from the Domain box to the “D” on the “SubSrf” box. At this point, the Domain and Surface should be connected to the Isotrim Command Box. If all of the wires are green, then you did it correctly. Good Job.

P2: Jennifer Bukovec, Lizzi Egbers, Carolyn Eggenberger

P1_Jennifer Bukovec_004

Fashion has always been an inspirational realm of design that I seem to connect with Architecture. The focus of fashion: the body. Architecture takes this one step further by focusing directly on the spaces that the body interacts in.

In the collections shown above (“The Horn of Plenty” Winter 2009/2010 & “Plato’s Atlantis” Summer 2010), which were on display for the Alexander McQueen Exhibit: Savage Beauty at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the late McQueen indicates interest in connecting form and space to the human body. McQueen also uses unusual materials to suggest a certain interaction between the human wearing the garment and the space being occupied.

Alexander McQueen is a prime example of structured fashion that consistently causes interaction between the body, space, and form. His design not only considers the physical interaction of the body and the garment, but also the garment and the surrounding space. This is a concept that should be considered in every work of architecture, because in fact, architecture is all about creating an interactive space.