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Center Box Function: creates a box centered on a plane

Go to the surface menu and under primitive, click center box. In grasshopper add sliders to be able to adjust planes x, y, and z in Rhino.

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Beauty is everywhere.

This is a statement heard ’round the design world, enough so, that it has been beaten into mere redundancy. Although it is everywhere, it takes a true visionary to find this beauty and reveal it to the masses.

Sparking the above installation was a student who spotted white Italian mops in a hardware store and, being a bright-eyed and eager first-year design student at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, let her creativity take hold. Adorning 1860’s chandeliers with thousands of mops created a feathered look with an aristocratic-burlesque type atmosphere. Not only does this piece transform an average cleaning utensil, but also reinvents the narrow idea of what a “typical” chandelier looks like.

Architecture should take this same approach of allowing beautiful everyday afterthoughts to transcend into a larger spectrum.  Taking what seems like an object that cannot be designed any further and exploding it’s innate properties onto a bigger canvas. Bringing light to the everyday beauty that made said architect appreciate design in the first place while reinventing the idea of what a “typical” building looks like without the often cold and harsh look modern architecture has.