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The Sweep 1 command creates a tunnel like surface that follows a base line, which acts as a rail for the sweep to follow.

In this example I first created a curvilinear line. Next I created a couple of ‘AroundCurve’ that draws a circle perpendicular to a curve. You do this by selecting a curve, picking the center on the curve, and finish by picking a radius for your circle.

In Grasshopper I created two Curve bars by going to Params à Geometry à Curve

The first Curve bar is linked to the baseline (the rail that the sweep follows).
The second Curve bar is linked to multiple curves, the circles that create the form of the sweep.

I connected both Curve Bars into the ‘R’ and ‘S’ ports of the Sweep1 Bar to create the final sweep.

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Mekano Studio’s entry in the eVolo 2011 skyscraper competition, Seeds of Life, addresses the sustainability issues in a city filled with garbage – Cairo, Egypt.

The concept of this primarily residential tower lies in the idea that reviving the elements of environment – plants, humans, animals – will help revive the environment itself and ultimately provide the necessary power for it to survive. The skyscraper is composed of an exoskeleton that contains different units with a specific program for each.

Garbage would be used as seeds and generate biogas, electricity, and would also be used as fertilizer. The homeless families inhabiting the tower become more productive to society and rehabilitate their lives by working in jobs varying from farming, animal husbandry, and the completion of the life essentials. The skyscraper’s many organic elements – such as vegetation terraces that are used for farming, maintaining of livestock, and rainwater collection – help it become more self-sufficient and reduces the amount of pollution in the area.

The idea of recycling the city’s waste and using it as a building material for this large-scale structure is an effective response to the problems that Cairo faces. Engaging the elements of our modern environment, both physical and societal, is a creative proposal to design problems that will ultimately make an interesting precedent to other design projects in various places around the world.