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To find the cylinder button in grasshopper go under the surface tab.  There will be another set of tabs within this, and the cylinder button is within the primitive tab.  Click the button that has a cylinder on it and simply place it in your grasshopper file.  From there I connected sliders to the cylinder in order to control some of its dimensions.

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This is an image from the Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in China.  After many years of erosion large pillars of quartzite sandstone formed.  Because the weather in this region is so moist all year round, it allowed for a dense amount of foliage to occur on these pillars.  From afar they simply look like a forest with over 90 pillars; however, once up close it is amazing to see the true beauty in each individual formation.  For me, this is inspiration in starting to think of a skyscraper design.  I love the idea of nature dictating the form of each pillar, causing no pillar to be identical.